South Korean TV Documentary Confirms Organ Harvesting Still Occurring in China (v2)

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“The dark side of transplant tourism in China: killing to live” — Documentary on China’s transplant tourism

Written by Shin Duho
Directed by Kim Hyeoncheol and Kim Yungyeom

The documentary, first broadcast on November 17, 2017, was produced for the weekly documentary program “Investigative Report Seven”
 by TV Chosun, South Korea.

In the fall of 2017, three Korean documentary filmmakers traveled to China under the pretense of purchasing a kidney for a fictitious relative. In less than 30 minutes, they received assurances that for approximately US$130,000, their “relative” could receive a kidney in a few weeks. They met and interviewed fellow South Koreans who had traveled to China to purchase not only kidneys but also livers and even a pancreas for transplant. This is contrary to previous statements Chinese transplant officials have made in public.

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